Local Fish?

My search for local fish to put in the CSF box took me down to the docks today, where I met Rolando at peir 45 fish, Mitch at Aloha, and Ernie the herring fisherman. The basic response I got when asking what kind of local fish I could expect to buy was a slight chuckle, followed by a diatribe into the reasons that no fish comes from the bay area.  I expected (living in a port town), that I would be presented with a grand list of bay area catch, rotating seasonally. I was wrong. Apparently almost none of the fish we buy comes from local sources, not because it’s not there, but because the regulations are such that almost no one is allowed to fish it.  Now I’m all for regulations where they make sense, but regulations that create a situation where it people are forced to import a resource that is available locally seem fishy (punny I know). Granted, I’m a bit of a newb on this issue, and I doubt fisherman and fish wholesalers are the only people with something to say on this issue, but still…crazy. I won’t be able to put bay area fish in my CSF, not because they aren’t there, but because the powers that be would prefer I get it from Australia.  So remember that next time you go out to your favorite bayside bistro, chances are the fish you are eating are not from our shores.

Pelicans...who knew?

Pelicans...who knew?

Come sunday I'm going to be reeling in herring on this boat!

Come sunday I'm going to be reeling in herring on this boat!

p.s. got an invite to go out on a herring boat sunday night!!


~ by foragesf on February 20, 2009.

3 Responses to “Local Fish?”

  1. maybe the reason there are regulations on fishing in the bay is because it’s been completely polluted by upstream mining, runoff from our car-filled cities, and barge effluent?

    or maybe it’s because commercial fishermen sure know how to over-harvest a good source of local fish. most likely it’s the first reason, as our local fishermen are probably too small scale to do that much damage.

    • I wasn’t talking specifically about the bay, but the entire coast along San Francisco and northern CA. There actually is fishing allowed in the bay, but on a limited scale, mostly herring.

  2. Halibut come from the Bay…its just about that time of year too

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