Planning underground farmers markets, it turns out, is not all fun and games. Maybe always games, but fun only most of the time. The minus percentage of fun comes when cell space (in all their infinite wisdom) decides not to return my calls! I’m trying to give them money! I’m trying (desperately) to fill up a room that is not being used with happy, slightly drunk people who want to buy things, eat food, and listen to great music.  For this privilege, I want to pay them the handsome fee of $1000.  But they won’t let me. For that they would have to return my calls.  That would be too easy.


~ by foragesf on December 12, 2009.

One Response to “space”

  1. I had a terrible time trying to book Cellspace one time a few years ago too. I was told what their office hours were, and I went there then, and not only was the person not there and the door locked, but no one there even seemed to know the events person’s name! It’s a great venue…I wonder what the trick is to getting ahold of them?

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