The Market Is Happening!!

It’s all very exciting.  The underground farmers market has found a home, and is happening this thursday. Check out the deets below. Don’t mind the formatting, can’t be helped.

The Underground Farmers Market Has A Home!
We’ve got some vendors, booked some music, and even got some homebrew lined up! It’s happening this Thursday, December 17th, at 2755 Bryant Street

There is going to be a lot of great stuff: jams, pies, edible garden boxes, wild mushrooms, acorn flour, homemade sarsaparilla, Jewish deli fare and homemade empanadas.


The underground farmers market is a venue where you can taste and purchase the food that is being made in the kitchens of our fair city. Call us voyeuristic, but this is a chance to peek into others’ kitchens and share in their bounty. Pies, jams, sarsaparilla to feast on – all by “suggested donation.”

To sell at a farmers market, you need to produce your wares in a commercial kitchen. This is an impossible expense for many of us, so the underground farmers market is about helping to get some exposure for all of our fellow producers without the cash for a commercial kitchen.

These are veterans, people who’ve been making their products for years, but only able to share them with friends. We thought we’d give them a venue to share with the whole SF food community.

So come join us this Thursday to support our local producers, get some last minute Christmas gifts and have some drinks to boot.

“What’s that?” you ask. “I’ve heard of underground dinners, but an underground farmers market?”

That’s right. A market, and a live show, all rolled into one. Think a farmers market, but at night, with music and drinks, and fresh roasted chestnuts.


forageSF: Acorn flour, fresh wild mushrooms, wild fennel seeds, huckleberry jam, wild Blackberry jam, and CSF gift certificates
HeartBaker: Makes some amazing baked goods
Slow Jams: Great homemade jam
Will Schrom: Homemade sarsparilla (maybe the best soda you’ve ever tasted)
Captain Blankenship: Soaps and salves
: Gingerbread houses
Garden Fare: Edible garden gift boxes
The Golden Crust: Pies, pies, pies
The Girl From Empanada:  Homemade empanadas
Lauren & Jon Bowne: Homemade Jewish deli fare (think corned beef, not gefilte fish)
Five Flavors Herbs: Wild foraged tinctures

Underground Farmers Market

Thursday December 17th, 5-11pm

2755 Bryant St, SF


5-8pm Drinks, Roasted Chestnuts, Shopping

8:30-9:30 Floating Felt

10-11 More drinks and shopping


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9 Responses to “The Market Is Happening!!”

  1. What do you have to do to participate as a vendor? I have greens, exotic citrus, free range backyard eggs, persimmons and baked goods right now.

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