We’ve been getting some good press on the Underground Farmers Market. People seemed to have had a really good time, and I’m excited to do the next one.  unfortunately, much of the press has focused on the health departments visit, something that I did mention in my blog, but that I wish people wouldn’t talk about quite so much.  It’s interesting to see the demographic that comments under the different stories. Some sites are all positive, some are all negative. There doesn’t seem to be a mix. CHOW readers seem unanimously opposed to the idea, fearing food borne illness and the like.  Whereas Mission local readers are all totally behind us, and itching for the next market. Very interesting.

I do see where the detractors comments are coming from.  We have been tought all our lives that the only way to know if something is safe is to ask the government. Is this toy safe, this seat belt, this apple, these jeans?  Should I eat more meat? More veggies? More pasta? We don’t know the answer to these questions anymore.  We expect the government to answer for us, and then get pissed when their answer turns out to be wrong. With E coli outbreaks rampant, and a  toothless USDA, I would rather put my trust in the guy who sells corned beef down the street, someone who lives in my community and answers to his customers, than some opaque regulatory body in some far off office in des Moines.  This is what the local food movement is about.  Trusting the people around you. Getting to the point where we don’t have to ask someone else what to eat and where to eat it, because we know. We know the people around us, and we trust them, and we trust their food.  That’s the kind of world I want to live in.

So for the next one, Im thinking of getting backyard city farmers together, so they can sell some of the great produce thats growing right here in the city! Also, I want to have workshops, pickling, soap making, and more music! All still free to see!


~ by foragesf on December 26, 2009.

4 Responses to “Press”

  1. here, here! i love what you’re doing and the intentions that fuel it. today’s local food scene is what yesterday’s local music once was. its original, heartfelt, and necessitates shared geography.

    i am a smalltime city farmer. i raise SCOBY’s and milk them for their delicious kombucha. please count me in!

  2. I completely respect your point of view. The answers to these questions will reveal themselves by doing just what your doing. Trying something new, learning through the process. and keeping an open mind.

    I can’t wait to attend the next market and I’ll bring some of my Spiced Pear Almond Conserve as a gift for your hard work and dedication.

    – Jeff

  3. Correction “doing what you’re doing” – 😉

  4. Thank you for making this point, Iso. Why don’t you write a longer article about it and submit it to 1 of the SF newspapers? Put some fire under their arses!

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