SF Underground Farmers Market is Back!

The Market Is Back

The first SF Underground Farmers Market was a great success! We got a couple hundred people to eat some food, drink some drinks, buy some gifts, and learn about what’s being made in the home kitchens of San Francisco. Most of the vendors sold out of what they brought, with one even taking backorders. We also got some great press! So we’re doing it again, Jan 28th, from 5-11pm, in a yet to be determined space. sign up for our email list at foragesf.com to keep updated.

Check out the full announcement here:


~ by foragesf on January 2, 2010.

6 Responses to “SF Underground Farmers Market is Back!”

  1. Hi!

    Congratulations! I’d like to sell organic kids food this month. Are there any special requirements? I live in Redwood City and am hoping this isn’t for residents of SF only. Also, my friend will be joining me with her 100% recycled tie dye tees.

    Thanks for this wonderful opportunity.

  2. Great! Please follow the link about, and fill out the vendor survey. It helps to keep everyones info in one place.


  3. Thanks, I filled out the form … so waiting to hear from you.
    Jo Ann

  4. Is there any chance that your future Underground Farmers Market/Club can be held on a Friday evening or weekend?

  5. Do you know if there is a similar venue for the east bay? I have a property (waiting for funding to create a culinary marketplace in Albany that could be used for a similar underground market – any interest?

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