SF Underground Market March 6th

The next market is here!  The date and location are set..

When: Saturday March 6th from 5-11pm

Where: 9 Langton st (near 7th/Howard) in SF

How: Sign up here for a free membership

This time around we’ve got twice as many vendors, 3 times as much space (so the lines should be shorter), and more great music and workshops. Come early to avoid the lines, leave late to catch the party.


Pearls Kitchen- Jewish deli fare
Dontaye Ball- pulled pork
Morgan Woolley
greenheartsfamilyfarm- pastured meats
Elianna Roffman & Morgan Lee Woolley -Hawaiian baked goods
Dafna Kory -Jams from locally foraged fruits
Paawan- TheChaiCart- Hot Chai, Chai Mixes, Chai Blends
Dirk -Traditional Veggie German Sausage
James Grossman- “Salumi”
Alice Wilson -Jams, sweet breads, foccacia
Katy McLean & Christopher David -Macaron Parisian macaroons
Michael Christie- Real French artisinal warm Quiche
Kathy Dewitt -Herb & spice blends, sea salts
Jeff Tidwell -Krauts, kimchi and preserves
Margaret Wong -Mushroom spread & dark chocolate almond date balls
Jackie Woods -“delightfully tasty cakes” and cupcakes
Claudia Comerci -Flower & Healing Essences
Valerie Johnson -Multi-grain artisinal gluten free breads, granola, scones, etc
Becky Spencer- (Urban Preserves Jams & Pickles
Erik Kamprud -Fried Chicken & Andouille Sausage gumbo & vegan gumbo
Rathsamee Ly- Laotian sausages & Nam kao
Marisol Kim -100% grass-fed organic beef jerky
Shakirah Simley (Slow Jams) -Jams, preserves, marmalades, spreads & relishes
Katherine Kirby- Granola
forageSF – wild mushrooms and other foraged goodies
Sybil Johnson (Heartbaker) -Baked Goods & Pastries
Jana Blankenship -Soaps, bath salts, scents, balms, candles, etc.
Roger Freely -Indian Street food & Regianal Mexican specialties
Robin Jolin -Peanut brittle, lemonade, sparking lemonade
Linh Nguyen -Vietnamese foods
JD Collins -Salsa dos gringos
Kitty Myers -Jams, marmalades, chutneys, flavored olive oil, etc
Kevin Bressani- Beet kvass
Gabriel Mitchell -Truffles, tarts, caramels
Christina Yu -Cheescake-sweet & savory
Alexis Mian & Elena Herting -Raw, vegan, organic meals, snacks & desserts
Francisco Grajales -Vegan (and some gluten-free) Baked Goods
Erin Murray -Fermented Veggies
Ruza Markov- scones and such
wiley rogers-honey
Rana Chang-kombucha
Ariana Montemayor
Boris Price-demi glace
kate thompson-granola
kim Nguyen
susan marjanovic -Raw Chocolate
Mary Powell


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38 Responses to “SF Underground Market March 6th”

  1. Hi. Can you please add me to your SfF Underground Market email list . Thanks

  2. Hi – I sent an email a month ago – I’m interested in participating as a vendor – please advise.

  3. Hi there. Just emailed you. I would like to know if it’s too late to apply as a vendor to this event. Thanks!

  4. Elianna and I will also be making a couple of kegs of homemade fresh ginger beer and lots and lots of spiced pickled grapes! Come on down and check it out!

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  6. Hey we are all set up for the first UK underground farmers and craft market chez moi in London….my blog post: http://marmitelover.blogspot.com/2010/02/first-uk-underground-farmers-craft.html

  7. Can’t wait getting plenty of “delightfully tasty cakes” and cupcakes ready for the market this Saturday. Also can’t wait to taste some of the yummy things people are preparing. See you there!

  8. […] 3, 2010 by boulderundergroundfm The San Fran UnderGround Farmers Market! Check out the blog here and here for the inspiration of the work we are trying to do right here. If you have other great […]

  9. Hi, I just found out about your venue, and I would like to know if it is too late to participate this month?! Many Thanks!

  10. I’m doing it at my house but yours, if I understood correctly, is at various locations? I’m charging a small entry fee just to cover costs, also to vet who comes as it could be risky to have people off the street wandering in, as I have all my belongings around. I hope this works but I guess I will find out on the 28th of March….I’m getting the cake people to sell from my bedroom for instance…
    You mention lines…people are lining up to buy goods? Excellent! How many people do you think attend your markets?

  11. Photos of pickled grapes here. COME AND GET IT!

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  13. How can I participate in the next (April?)market?


  14. […] garden in Korea by Harold, and liquid nitrogen ice cream by Asad. I also plan on going to an “underground” farmer’s market this weekend and will report back on any […]

  15. First let me thank you for taking the initiative to do some thing like this.
    Now I would like to know more on how to become involved, not only as a vendor, but to participate in any other way needed.
    I am a “personal Chef” self taught, I love to bake/candy/cook etc. and do have some real special products that I sell, to like you said “friends”, as the cost for a commercial kitchen is beyond my reach, not to mention the ins. you need to carry.
    Please, contact me when you get a chance, and I will be attending Saturday the 6th, so hope to see you there.

  16. Hey, thanks for all of the inspiration for the Boulder Underground Farmers Market. I am a friend of Wiley’s who told me about all these sweet shiz!

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  18. Hi there! I just signed up for a membership (yay) – does it allow guests who are nonmembers? Or does everyone need to be a member to attend?

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  20. […] SF Under­ground Mar­ket — TODAY March 6th […]

  21. Woohoo! Looking forward to this, and supporting my friends who are participating vendors. I’ll be sure to bring my empty stomach. Keep up the great work in providing such a venue.

  22. Hi, we tried to sign up for the email list to get in tonight (3/6) but we still haven’t received the email to confirm our addresses. We sent the emails a couple hours ago. Can we still get in?

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  24. keep me on the list for future events. best, Emil

  25. hello, i never received the automated email to confirm my membership. can you please add me i am very excited about this!

  26. the line was over and hour long, trendy tweetering hipsters jam packed, no room to move around…
    can anyone recommend a larger space next time? this was too much chaos, too much money for too small portions…

  27. The market was so much fun. I am also interested in becoming a vendor for the next one. Are you sending information out about that?

  28. Hi there: I’m still waiting to bring some goodies to the market. I couldn’t make the March market (ill), but definitely am staying abreast of it all. Hoping to participate soon. Is there a waiting list, or are you selecting according what’s popular ?
    Thanks for doing this…I see it’ s catching on in other cities as well. Keep up the great work.

    Jo Ann

  29. Who was serving those delicious scones at the back of the room next to the yummy Vietnamese pancakes? That chocolate orange ginger scone (I think that’s what it was) was so incredible, I don’t want to wait another month. Contact info?

  30. Thanks for putting this together!! The event was awesome. My sister and I sold the cheesecake and cookies in the back and got lots of great feed back. Totally looking forward to the next market. :]

  31. looking forward to the next market

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