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Hey all

Thanks for following/reading my blog, gives me the warm and fuzzies as the English would say (actually I have no idea if they say that). I don’t really post here anymore, so come check me out at See you soon.




~ by foragesf on July 27, 2010.

2 Responses to “Check out my new blog site at”

  1. I found big clumps and a huge field of watercress wild in a fresh water stream just as it goes into the ocean in Pacifica (hnear Rockaway Beach hiking trail). How do we know if the water there is OK to harvest the watercress? Are you familiar with this?

  2. Hi Iso, I hope your blog is going well! I actually created a website – online community-led database of wild food foraging sources. Not many people have gone on it yet, but trying to connect with other wild food foragers to get the word out … i’ll be building a mobile app/site for this website also. If you don’t see any icons you may need to upgrade to your latest web browser software. hope to hear from you soon…happy foraging! – marian

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