A forageSF Kitchen : First Steps

I have a post I’m going to put up soon about The Underground Market (we’re working on a way to get it reopened, and I’m confident we’ll find a solution), but something else I’m really excited about right now is how this kitchen project is moving along. We found a space!  It’s still in the beginning stages, so not certain, but it’s looking good.   The space is 10,000 sq feet of wonderful high ceiling’d bliss (with the possibility of having an acre of rooftop farm up top.  I’m thinking chickens, goats, veggies for people to use in the kitchen, rooftop movies, rooftop dinner, bees….).

This space won’t be just a kitchen rental, but a dynamic space with (and these are first thoughts), kitchen rental for vendors, classes in food business 101, web design, menu creation, pickling, butchery, possible shared beer brewing equipment, a retail space in the front where people using the kitchen can sell their products, farming classes for kids, farming classes for grown ups, and a CSA of the products being produced in the kitchen.  There is also a cool crossroads ally/road behind the space that would be perfect for closing down and having markets/dinners/good times of all sorts.

Since I sent that email out I’ve been getting approached by investors who are interested in being involved, and it looks like its really on its way. So, not a ton of info at the moment, other than I’m excited to finally have a space that can be the center of forageSF. A hub for people who want to be involved, people with some/lots/no experience in cooking to start their businesses/learn about food/ eat food/ take classes/ brew beer/ drink beer….the options are endless.  If you have ideas/desires for this space, let me know.  Ideas you give could be a reality very soon.


~ by foragesf on June 29, 2011.

3 Responses to “A forageSF Kitchen : First Steps”

  1. Wow! This is incredible news Iso, thanks so much for sharing. Can’t wait for more details and will pass along any suggestions that come to mind. Though, you’ve done a great job with the potential uses so far!!

  2. Hello Iso:

    Where are the particulars re kitchen rental, etc? I’m interested.


  3. Awesome!!! I’m super interested in learning more about the business end of being a beverage micro brewer and wholesaler.
    But the roof garden and really all your ideas are perfect for co creating community and I am so happy to be a contributor and part of this.
    Thank you Iso for continuing to move forward.
    Julia Lazar / 23Monkeytree

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